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What are Indices?

There is a large number of indices available, meaning that you are allowed to choose what suits your strategy and goals the best. An index is a group of stocks which belong to the same industry or business nature. It is often used as a performance indicator of the sector, industry or country it represents.
An index is a flexible way to trade for investors because it offers a wide range of stocks in one entity. They offer massive liquidity, 24/5 trading availability and you can start as low as $ 250 for the first investment amount. You can trade indices with leverage. Choose the one which suits the best to your goals and style, so you will strengthen your trading position and you will empower your capital. Keep in mind that leverage amplifies losses also.


When you decide to trade indices with us, you are giving yourself the opportunity to choose among industry-leading indices. We offer the most active indices in the market.

Nasdaq 100

The Nasdaq 100 is the index that is composed of 100 largest companies of the Nasdaq stock exchange. The companies which are listed in this index belong to different sectors of economy like technology, telecommunication, biotechnology, media, services. It was first calculated on January 31 of 1985 and later it is modified capitalization-weighted index. This is a good reference to get to know how a certain tech company is performing while comparing it with other companies of the same sector. Top Nasdaq 100 companies:

• Apple Inc – 13.252%
• Microsoft Corp -10.822%
• Inc – 10.672%
• Facebook Inc – 4.163%
• Alphabet Inc – 3.519%
• Alphabet Inc – 3.417%
• Tesla Inc – 3.402%
• NVIDIA Corp – 2.831%
• Adobe Inc – 2.003%
• PayPal Holdings Inc – 1.992%
• Netflix Inc – 1.944%
• Intel Corp – 1.913%
• Comcast Corp – 1.725%
• PepsiCo Inc – 1.63%
• Cisco Systems Inc – 1.408%

Dax 30

Dax 30 is a german index, representing top 30 german companies. It was introduced on July, 1st in 1988 by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Companies are selected by the market capitalization and liquidity. Frankfurt Stock Exchange is available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm CET. It is considered also as a strong measure of European and German economic health. Top Dax 30 companies:

• Bayer – 9.99%
• Munich Re – 3.41%
• Deutsche – 1.39%
• BASF – 9.81%
• Volkswagen Group – 3.27%
• Merck – 1.16%
• Siemens – 9.09%
• BMW – 3.17%
• Lufthansa – 1.06%
• SAP – 7.57%
• Deutsche Post – 2.61%
• Heidelberg Cement – 1.05%
• Allianz – 7.36%
• Adidas – 2.48%
• Infineon Technologies – 0.98%

Nasdaq 100
Dax 30

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